Terrance Meyer


Terrance MeyerTerrance Meyer, P.E. has extensive experience in wind resource assessment and modeling. Having performed more than 50 such assessments over the last few years. Mr. Meyer also helps clients assess their micro hydro resource as well as design and install these systems in sizes from 500 W to 5MW. Mr. Meyer has worked with tribes, industry, island communities, as well as utility projects. Mr. Meyer has a broad knowledge of renewable energy resources including wind, hydro, solar, geothermal, biomass, and biofuels, making him well suited to identify the resources available at a given site or geographic area based on its unique attributes. Mr. Meyer is adept at coordinating teams of diversely specialized professionals as evident in recent due diligence and resource assessment projects.

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Dana Brandt


Dana Brandt has a breadth of knowledge and experience in solar energy projects. Mr. Brandt’s consulting expertise includes solar site assessment, photovoltaic system development and installation, approach to net zero energy, system design, application of financial incentives as well as electrical production and cost modeling.

With renewable energy experience from eight countries on five continents, he holds a Master of Science with Honors in Renewable Energy from Loughborough University, England as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering from Seattle Pacific University. Mr. Brandt is also active in the emerging field of microgrids and distributed generation.

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Geoffrey B. Middaugh

Land Use Specialist

After 33 years of field and national level experience with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the staff, management and executive levels of the organization, Geoffrey B. Middaugh now turns his focus to sustainability and international cooperation, and international emphasis of managing protected areas. Mr. Middaugh has executive and leadership experience in federal land use planning (specifically BLM and USFS), and application processes, including rights of way, temporary use permits, withdrawals or other federal land use processes. He is an expert in land use planning, NEPA federal land use processes, and protected area management. Mr. Middaugh has experience in working with local governments, tribes and clients on all types of land uses. He also has expertise in litigation strategies, and can assist in mitigating legal vulnerabilities. He has thorough knowledge of Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations as they apply to federal agencies.

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Kirk Stopenhagen


kirk-stopenhagen-photo-croppedKirk Stopenhagen is a meteorologist with over 29 years experience as a consulting meteorologist. Mr. Stopenhagen conducts wind resource assessment and due diligence studies for wind farm developers and private industry.  This requires siting met towers and collecting, reviewing and analyzing meteorological data sets to determine the feasibility of developing wind energy projects.  He is experienced in windflow modeling, evaluating site conditions and turbine micrositing.  He has conducted numerous wind studies using Doppler SODAR to measure vertical wind profiles and compare SODAR data with nearby towers to evaluate wind shear.

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Alex Ramel

Sustainability Expert

Alex Ramel has extensive experience in greenhouse gas management and sustainability planning at the local government and community levels. He has helped dozens of local governments, including New York City, conduct baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventories. He was one of the lead authors of the Local Government Greenhouse Gas Protocol which is the nationally recognized standard for emissions quantification. He has developed or supported the development of many local climate action plans, identifying the most effective steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He also brings experience implementing a variety of climate protection strategies including the EPA’s most successful green power community challenge and oversight of a national award winning LEED for Homes pilot project.

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Atul Deshmane


Atul Deshmane, is experienced in all stages of company development in the clean energy industry sector. Mr. Deshmane has performed numerous innovative studies where a problem statement was incomplete. Energy storage remains a largely under exploited opportunity that enables renewable energy by dramatically increasing energy efficiency. Mr. Deshmane is very passionate about leading edge technologies and their proper assessment in order to help organizations properly plan their development. Mr. Deshmane, has worked with small and large business, local governments, and non governmental organizations.

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Jeff Kraus


Jeff Kraus has been involved in the solar thermal industry for over four years running an independent solar collector and parts distribution business as well as involvement in design and installation projects. Mr. Kraus has experience in importing goods directly from manufacturers in China and Europe, where there is a significant capacity for producing good quality, low cost solar thermal collectors, having the greatest energy return among various solar technologies. Mr. Kraus also established the Oasis Community in Bellingham, WA which is known as one of the better working examples of an urban community in NW Washington using permaculture principles

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Tony D’Aoust

Research Technician

Tony D'AoustTony D’Aoust has a strong background in the design, construction, installation and operation of remote autonomous terrestrial or oceanic based scientific monitoring packages. He has extensive field experience in polar and other remote regions and is well versed in the cost benefit analysis and design implementation of how to incorporate renewable energy to reduce logistical and operational costs as well as increase system reliability and redundancy on remote monitoring projects. He is the owner/operator of a 36′ research charter vessel. When not working on renewable energy or instrumentation projects he passes the time commercial salmon fishing with his family in Alaska.

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