• Resource Identification and Assessment
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    Resource Identification and Assessment

  • Wind
  • Wind Monitoring
    SODAR Data Collection
  • Biogas
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Solid biomass
  • Micro hydro
  • Solar (PV and Thermal)
  • System Design and Analysis
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    System Design and Analysis

  • Solar design and installation (PV and hot water)
  • Comparative analysis of available resources
  • Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)
  • Generation equipment specification and high level system design
  • Educational and Developmental Programs
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    Educational and Developmental Programs

  • Educational/outreach materials and curriculum
  • Curriculum Development
  • Development Assistance
  • Economic Assessments
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    Economic Assessments

  • Utility interconnection / Net metering analysis and utility negotiation assistance
  • Cost of Energy or Net present value economic analysis
  • Writing Services
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    Writing Services

  • Patent and other technical writing services
  • RE Grant Writing
  • Alternate Transportation